Jan 29

Maneki-neko Cheesecake

This past Tuesday, January 26th, was Bug’s 7th birthday.  Anyone who has had the chance to spend more than 5 minutes with our little Bug will tell you that she is not short on personality—she’s exploding with it.  One of our family traditions is that the birthday girl/boy gets to choose the menu for their special day.  So a few days before her birthday I sat down with Bug to find out what she wanted.  She was very specific.  She’s a girl who knows what she wants! [Read More…]


Jan 22

Free-Form French Onion Tart

Tomorrow is National Pie Day, which is always a big celebration at our house, helped by the fact that it’s also my birthday.  It helps that I am a pie addict and haven’t had birthday cake in years.  It’s birthday pie for me all the way!  So when I received a copy of Dinner Pies by Ken Haedrich to review, I knew it would be perfect for Pie Day celebrations!  Savory pies tend to play second fiddle with sweet pies claiming the limelight.  This is unfortunate, because there are some pretty magical combinations of savory ingredients that play beautifully inside a buttery, flaky pie crust.  Ken illustrates this beautifully in his book which is filled with 100 recipes for savory dinner pies. [Read More…]


Babi Guling (Roast Suckling Pig) at Ibu Oka—Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

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One of my favorite days of 2015 also included one of my favorite meals.  It was at the end of May when Mr. Fuji, my sister-in-law Ms. K, and I were in Bali, Indonesia.  We spent the day exploring temples, visiting a local market, hiking up rice terraces, and watching the sun set over rice […]

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5-Minute Healthy Snacks E-cookbook!!!

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I am really excited about this year.  Life has gotten the best of me a bit over the past couple of years, so in preparation for this year I have been trying to figure out ways to take the bull by the horns.  As we have been planning out the calendar for the year, both […]

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Thank you 2015!

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As we enjoy the last few hours of 2015 I have been thinking back over all that has happened in the fast 365 days and feeling grateful.  It has been a bit of a chaotic year, but it has been filled with wonderful adventures, fabulous food, and loving family and friends.  I just hope that […]

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Berry Fudgy Chocolate Cupcakes—Merry Christmas!

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The countdown is on at our house!  My parents are flying in to Salt Lake City tonight, and my brother tomorrow night.  We’re spending time with extended family tomorrow afternoon, and then my family and my in-laws are all coming over for Christmas Eve dinner.  I love getting to be with everyone for the holidays, […]

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Nine years ago today, this sweet little girl made me a mom. I had some complications during my pregnancy and during her birth.  After she was born my doctor made the comment that she was our Christmas miracle, so when my husband suggested that her middle name be Noel, it was the perfect fit.  Although […]

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Dark Side Chocolate Truffle Pie

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Excitement is running high at our house.  We are huge Star Wars fans at our house and are really looking forward to the new movie coming out next week.  What better way to celebrate than with pie?  So I whipped up a pie inspired by a character we all love to hate: Darth Vader.  I […]

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Cheese & Sausage Quiche for Christmas Morning + 4 More Ideas!

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If you can believe it, Christmas morning is only 3 weeks away.  I can’t quite believe it myself.  Between now and then we will have school parties, work parties, shopping for presents, making presents, etc.  I absolutely love this time of year and the magic of Christmas morning is hard to beat.  When I was […]

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5 of My Favorite Avocado Recipes

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Today I’m sharing 5 of my favorite California avocado recipes over on The Scoop—any guesses what they might be?

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