Oct 29

Graham Cracker Brownies

Graham Cracker Brownies.  Those three words immediately make me think of my grandma.  She has been making these gooey squares since my dad was a little boy.  I once asked one of my uncles what his favorite thing was that his mom made.  My grandma is a phenomenal cook, and so I expected . . . well, I don’t know what I expected, but his response wasn’t what I thought he would say.  His immediate response was “graham cracker brownies.”  He went on to say that “most of the time, half the batter was gone before Mom put it into the oven. So easy I know it by heart (sort of).”  And it’s true.  They are ridiculously easy.  And ridiculously good.  And ridiculously dangerous, as in, don’t make a batch if there’s no one at home to help eat them so you’re not tempted to eat the entire pan by yourself.  Isn’t it amazing how the little things in life can have the biggest impact?  I shared this recipe recently on Multiply Goodness, and just realized I had never linked over from La Fuji Mama.  So here you go, a little bit of love coming your way on a Wednesday evening in the form of Graham Cracker Brownies.


Oct 27

Am I the only one that seems to have a slow start getting back into the swing of things during the week?  I seem to limp along on Mondays.  Well, if you happen to be in the same boat as me, then maybe this will wake you up!  I have teamed up with a group of awesome bloggers to bring you a giveaway as a thank you for all of your love and support.  Thanksgiving is a month away, but it’s never too early to start saying “thank you”!

The winner of this giveaway will have the option of choosing between 3 different prize options:

Pick Your Prize Giveaway

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Pumpkin Spice Cakelettes on KSL Studio 5

7 more days until Halloween!  My kids are counting down the days.  Our yearly family Halloween party is tomorrow, and they can hardly wait to don their new Halloween costumes for the first time this year.  Their excitement is infectious, so our house has a bit of Halloween fever.  To share the fun, I did [...]

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Vegetable Yaki Udon for a Moon Viewing Bento

Squirrel’s second grade class has been studying the moon for the past couple of weeks, and she’s been charting the moon’s changes each evening at home as an assignment for her Chinese class.

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Gluten Free Slow Cooker Pot Roast

This post is brought to you by Harmons Grocery. I know, I know,  you’re thinking “Gluten free slow cooker pot roast?  Rachael, isn’t a pot roast naturally gluten free?”  Well yes, and no.  It depends on how you make it!  If you make your own homemade beef stock without any added thickeners and you don’t [...]

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Japanese Mini Hamburgers on KSL Studio 5

Remember those mini Japanese hamburgers I shared a couple of weeks ago?  Well if I haven’t convinced you to make them yet, then maybe I can today!  I recently made them on KSL’s Studio 5 and the full segment is now available online to watch.  They are oh-so-easy to make and delicious to boot!  Here [...]

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Pork and Parsnip Hash for Cutco Fall Harvest + A Giveaway!

I love dishes that combine lots of little bits of everything.  I get this love from my dad, whose style of cooking is to go into the kitchen and grab whatever he can find to create something to eat, whether it’s a sandwich, a salad, or what he calls “potage.”  I recently received a “Fall Harvest [...]

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Kale Power Salad with Lemon Cilantro Vinaigrette

I fell in love with kale salads a couple of years ago and have yet to get over my crush.  I know kale may be yesterday’s news, but gosh darn it, I don’t care!  So here’s another kale salad to add to the top of the Mt. Everest-sized pile of kale salad recipes that have [...]

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Japanese Mini Hamburgers

When you say hamburger here in the US, the image conjured to mind is a meat patty, usually cooked on a grill, served inside a bun, sometimes with a variety of condiments or toppings.  When you say hamburger in Japan (ハンバーグ–”hambagu”), the image conjuired to mind is much different—a meat patty that is like a [...]

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Multiply Goodness With Chocolate Cranberry Pecan Granola

I am super excited to share a new project I’m working on.  I am on a team of writers behind a new endeavor, Multiply Goodness.  Multiply Goodness is a website dedicated to celebrating and sharing the good in the world and helping to lift each other up.  The stated mission is “to unite like-minded believers in [...]

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