Feb 24

Vegan Fuji Slow Cooker Pumpkin Chili

Life with a newborn isn’t what I was remembering/expecting . . . it’s actually so much easier.  Maybe it’s that I know what to expect and my other children are older? Maybe it’s that I’m not exhausted from nine months of pregnancy and having to recover from another c-section?  Or maybe it’s just that our little Monkey (yes, that’s her official nickname!) is the easiest baby ever?  Or really, maybe it’s a combination of all of those.  It’s a good thing, because the rest of life is a bit more complicated than normal right now.  We are currently living in my in-law’s basement while our house is being built.  I have the most awesome in-laws (and seriously, aren’t they amazing for having us live with them?), but it’s always harder living in a space that’s not your own.  We’re also living with only the essentials while everything else is in long term storage.  The other complication is that my in-laws live about 25 minutes away from our previous home and new home, so taking the kids to school and to their various activities takes a lot more time.  As a result, meals that come together quickly, or can be made ahead of time, are a necessity!  Dinner made in the slow cooker? Definitely yes.  Last weekend I whipped up a batch of my family’s favorite chili, my Fuji Slow Cooker Pumpkin Chili, but this time I made it completely plant-based, and oh was it good! [Read More…]


Jan 18

Simmered Daikon with Miso Sauce

Happy 2017 my friends!  I have been taking a much needed break to focus on our sweet new baby girl and moving.  We sold our previous home and finished moving out the week before last and are now temporarily living with my in-laws while our new home is being built. (Squeeeeee!!!!!)  Talk about starting the new year with a clean slate.  Our lives have been filled with lots of change!  Soon there are going to be some changes here too that I am super excited about.  If there is anything you would like to see more of here on LFM, drop me an email and let me know! (rachael@lafujimama.com)

Ok, now on to today’s recipe!  I thought it would be appropriate to kick off 2017 with a recipe from a cookbook that celebrates the food of Tokyo, the city that I called home for several years, where my first daughter was born, and where I started this blog almost ten years ago.  The book, Tokyo Cult Recipes by Maori Murota, is an introduction to the dishes that the author grew up with in Tokyo, both the food cooked at home and the food served in restaurants. [Read More…]


Hello New Little Fujiling!

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Life at our house got crazy 2 months ago when we decided to sell our house and buy a new one.  We are still in the thick of it, but things just got even crazier.  Last Saturday, December 3rd, this little angel came home with us to join our family.  She was born on November […]

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Fuji Family German Christmas Traditions

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Happy December my friends!! Can you believe that 2016 has flown by so quickly?  I can hardly believe it when I look at the calendar.  This year has been a crazy busy one with some unexpected twists and turns for our family, but now we have arrived at my favorite time of the year.  I love […]

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Pressure Cooker Mushroom Ragu

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I am in looooooove with my Instant Pot (an electric pressure and so much more!).  My mom gave me one for Christmas last year and I’ve been a bit obsessed ever since.  I feel like I was late to the Instant Pot party, but if you don’t have one yet, you should rectify that problem.  I posted […]

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Lazy Mama’s Kenchinjiru

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Life has felt a bit overwhelming lately. To say that I’ve put a few things on my plate would be a gross understatement. But of course, Mr. Fuji and I are gluttons for punishment and made a very quick decision to put our house on the market . . . which happened last week while […]

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How to Make Stick Onigiri

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The new favorite form of onigiri (Japanese rice ball) at our house is stick onigiri.  It’s very popular in Japan right now too, and it’s no wonder, because it’s fun!  The onigiri is formed into a stick shape instead of a ball, triangle, etc.  The easiest technique is a bit different too.  It’s a bit […]

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Veggie Salad Stuffed Avocados

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My in-laws live in Draper, Utah, a city just north of us.  Every summer they have Draper Days, an event that lasts for about a week in July and is filled with everything from a children’s parade, to a rodeo, to evening concerts in the park, followed by fireworks.  It’s a blast.  This past July we […]

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Grilled Corn with Vegan Avocado Crema

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Remember that Grilled Corn with California Avocado Crema that I told you about at the beginning of the week?  Well I promised you a plant-based (vegan) version and today I’m delivering!  With summer winding down we have got to take advantage of all the wonderful produce, including corn and avocados!  This version replaces the crema […]

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Where Women Cook Magazine!

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Happy Thursday!  I’m just popping in with a bit of news.  If you read Where Women Cook magazine, I’ve got an article in the September issue!  The article shares my story along with 4 of my favorite recipes that cover a bit of everything that represents who I am…a bento, a pie, a dish from […]

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