Aug 28

Brown Bag Baked Peach Pie from Honey Salt

Thank goodness it’s Friday Pie-day!  Today’s slice of goodness comes to us from Las Vegas.  Every time we drive to California to visit my parents we drive through Las Vegas.  On our way back from our most recent visit we may a quick stop at a restaurant called Honey Salt because I had read that their brown bag baked pie was one of the best bites of pie in Las Vegas.  We met up with my friend Shanna (she writes a fabulous blog called Pineapple & Coconut which you should check out!) and her two kiddos, giving our kids the chance to run around (they love being together), while I grabbed some pie. [Read More…]


Aug 27

It’s that time of year again when our kids are heading back to school.  Good bye lazy days.  Good bye sleeping in.  But hey, I’m happy to be back on a schedule and have some time during the day when I have the house to myself to take back control of things.  But when the kids come home I have to be on my game.  Snacktime comes first at our house after school and today I’m sharing three different snack recipes that include California avocados over on The Scoop!  So head on over and get your snack on!

California Avocado After-School Snacks


Kyotofu’s Sweet Tofu Pudding

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Author Nicole Bermensolo brought her love for Japanese culture to Manhattan in 2006 when she and her friend Michael opened Kyotofu, a full-service restaurant and bakery.  The Kyotofu bakery featured Nicole’s quirky approach to Japanese sweets and customers fell in love.  In 2013 Nicole and Michael decided to close the restaurant so Nicole could focus […]

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Pillow Talk—Friday Pie-Day

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It’s Friday Pie-Day!  Friday is turning into my favorite day of the week because, well, pie! Today’s pie isn’t actually a pie I have tasted, but it’s on my wish list.

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Roasted Hatch Chile Cornbread—Celebrating Harmons Chile Roast

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I’ve recently had friends that live in New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas, rubbing in my face the fact that they’ve got Hatch chile roastings all over the place where they live.  Not fair!  Thankfully I was alerted to the fact that I was not out of luck.  Harmons Grocery, a local grocery chain here that […]

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Apple Pie at Law’s Coffee Shop, Oak Glen, California—Friday Pie-Day

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Pie is my thing.  I happen to have been born on National Pie Day.  Every year for my birthday when my mom asked what I wanted to have for my birthday cake, I would inevitably request something in a crust—maybe a cheese cake (BTW, why do they call it cake? That has always bugged me) […]

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Keeping Cool with California Avocado Milkshakes

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Summer seems to be barreling through like a bullet train this year.  How is it possible that it is already the middle of August?  I’ve been trying to keep cool by not turning on the oven.  I find that if I don’t turn on my oven, I’m less likely to have to blast our air […]

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Umeboshi: Fall fruit of summer labor

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The Japanese do incredible things with fruits and vegetables.  From braising to deep frying, and drying to pickling, there are hundreds of ways to use and transform a wide variety of plants.  A particular favorite at our house are umeboshi, Japanese pickled plums (usually translated as plum, though they are actually made from a species […]

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Spicy Cheddar Lamb Burger

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I am not a huge burger girl.  It’s not that I don’t like them, but if given the choice I’ll choose the things that I like even more instead, like grilled chicken, steak, fish, bratwurst, etc.  There is one exception—if a burger contains ground lamb then I am all in.  I love lamb.  So when I […]

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Waffled California Avocado and Raspberry Toast

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Happy Monday! Here’s to a great day and a great week.  To help you get things started off right, my newest post for California Avocados is up!  This week I’m talking breakfast, specifically toast.  My favorite way to make toast these days is in a waffle iron, so today I’m sharing my recipe for waffled […]

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