Paleo Chocolate Silk Pie

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If you had told me 6 months ago that a chocolate dessert that was free of gluten, dairy, and refined sugars could be as decadent as its gluten, dairy, and refined sugar full counterpart, I would have politely nodded and totally not have believed you.  But in the past few months I have taken my preconceived [...]

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Chocolate Pots de Crème

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I keep thinking that spring has arrived here in Utah, and then the weather will turn and we’ll get a new layer of snow on the ground.  Mother Nature is such a tease.  I’ve been watching the new issues of magazines show up on the newsstands, taunting me with spring flowers, and spring inspired dishes, [...]

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Strawberry Frappé — Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!  One of the things my family loves is when I make a big batch of a green smoothie to share with them in the mornings.  My kids thing green smoothies are the best things ever.  I figured they would be equally happy with more of a treat coming out of the blender [...]

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Banana Almond Medjool Date Shake

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When it comes to food, many of your favorites likely have their own holiday.  You already know that I observe National Pie Day on January 23rd, but what else is out there?  Ice Cream For Breakfast Day? Yep, it’s a holiday (and one that my mom’s side of the family observes religiously each year).  Pancake [...]

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Fuji Nana’s White Chocolate, Orange, & Raspberry Pie

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Happy National Pie Day!  To celebrate today, I thought it would be appropriate to share a recipe from the woman who brought me into this world.  My mom and I made this pie, a White Chocolate, Orange, and Raspberry dream, when we were visiting for Christmas.  I have many memories of watching my mom make [...]

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Lemon Icebox Pie

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I’ve been dreaming about lemon icebox pie since my first taste.  In 2003 Mr. Fuji and I ate Thanksgiving dinner with his dad’s in-laws in Jackson, Tennessee.  For dessert I ate a slice of his mother-in-law’s lemon icebox pie, a classic Southern confection made up of a buttery graham cracker crust, a tart, creamy filling [...]

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Nancie McDermott’s Apple Pie

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Have you ever said something about someone and it turns out they were standing right behind you while you were saying it? I have.  On the first day of Camp Blogaway in 2012, a friend and I were standing at the networking table, which usually includes promotional materials for bloggers and brands.  There was a [...]

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Baked Eggnog Doughnuts

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This post is brought to you by Safest Choice Eggs. Six more days until Christmas!!  Are your kids as excited as mine are? Well this recipe for baked eggnog doughnuts might help you distract them for a bit.  This month my Darling Dozen challenge for Safest Choice Eggs was to come up with a recipe [...]

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Chocolate Chess Pie (with a Chocolate Almond Crust!)

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This post is brought to you by Davidson’s Safest Choice Eggs. I must be missing Memphis, because lately I’ve been craving all of the Southern foods I fell in love with when we lived there—collared greens, pulled pork, banana pudding . . . you name it, and I’ve been craving it.  Thankfully I’ll be making [...]

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“Kitchen Sink” Chocolate Chip Cookies

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When I moved to Paris I had several bags of chocolate chips tucked into my suitcase so that I could whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies if I got homesick.  Luckily, when we moved to Japan, we had access to Costco, who conveniently carried chocolate chips, making room for other things in my [...]

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