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Roasted Hatch Chile Pico de Gallo for National Knife Day!

Happy National Knife Day everyone!  What? You’ve never heard of it? Well now you have, and I’m not just making it up!  It seems almost every type of food has its own holiday, so I think it’s appropriate to stop and celebrate (or at least appreciate) knives, considering it’s one of the most important, if […]

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Roasted Hatch Chili Hummus

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August is one of my favorite months because it means the return of Hatch chili season!  Every August I go to Harmons Grocery for the first day of their Chili Roast.  The best part about this year is that we just had a brand new Harmons Grocery store open up two weeks ago only 5 […]

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Avocado Pesto Dip

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Avocado Pesto Dip . . . another reason to have a good pesto recipe in your wheelhouse (and I’m biased because I think you should use my Pistachio Pine Nut Pesto recipe that I posted yesterday).  The awesome thing about this dip is how easy it is to make.  Pesto + avocado + a bit […]

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Pistachio Pine Nut Pesto

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  If you don’t have a ton of time to cook, or to try out new recipes, it’s always good to have a set of recipes than you know by heart and everybody loves.  Pesto, in my opinion, is one of those recipes.  It is one of those magical concoctions that comes together in minutes, […]

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Sambal Matah (Balinese Raw Shallot and Lemongrass Relish)—Celebrating Jalapeno Mania!

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I am a chilihead, so I always have my eye out for new ways to enjoy hot chili peppers.  My newest chili recipe acquisition was a recipe for Balinese Sambal Matah.  My take on this recipe will be the next thing I submit to a site I recently found out about that I am super […]

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5 Ways to Use Hummus (Break out of dip mode!)

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As you may have gathered, I LOVE hummus.  My favorite afternoon snack is fresh cut veggies dipped in hummus.  But hummus is so much more versatile than that and I think it’s time we break out of dip mode here on LFM.  So here are 5 (easy!) ways to use hummus that aren’t dip related.  I’m […]

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Turkey Gravy

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If you’ve got turkey, you’ve gotta have gravy.  Am I right?  I’d also like to say that if you’ve made a turkey, then you’d be crazy not to use the drippings to make that gravy.  If you make my Lemon Fennel Roast Turkey, set aside those drippings, and then use them to make that gravy…oh […]

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Kale Power Salad with Lemon Cilantro Vinaigrette

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I fell in love with kale salads a couple of years ago and have yet to get over my crush.  I know kale may be yesterday’s news, but gosh darn it, I don’t care!  So here’s another kale salad to add to the top of the Mt. Everest-sized pile of kale salad recipes that have […]

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Cookie Dough Dip from The Best Homemade Kids’ Lunches On the Planet

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We are coming to the end of our fourth week of school here in Utah.  This is about the point where I start to run out of steam on lunchbox ideas and it’s time to re-motivate myself and make a plan for the four weeks to come.  Who else is running out of steam?  Raise […]

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Cherry Pico de Gallo

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In my post last week about Cacao Chili-Rubbed Flat Iron Steak, I briefly mentioned the cherry pico de gallo that I made as an accompaniment.  But, it wouldn’t be doing it justice to gloss over it, as it was maybe my favorite part of the whole meal, notwithstanding the sweet potato oven fries that were also […]

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