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Kale Power Salad with Lemon Cilantro Vinaigrette

I fell in love with kale salads a couple of years ago and have yet to get over my crush.  I know kale may be yesterday’s news, but gosh darn it, I don’t care!  So here’s another kale salad to add to the top of the Mt. Everest-sized pile of kale salad recipes that have [...]

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Cookie Dough Dip from The Best Homemade Kids’ Lunches On the Planet

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We are coming to the end of our fourth week of school here in Utah.  This is about the point where I start to run out of steam on lunchbox ideas and it’s time to re-motivate myself and make a plan for the four weeks to come.  Who else is running out of steam?  Raise [...]

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Cherry Pico de Gallo

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In my post last week about Cacao Chili-Rubbed Flat Iron Steak, I briefly mentioned the cherry pico de gallo that I made as an accompaniment.  But, it wouldn’t be doing it justice to gloss over it, as it was maybe my favorite part of the whole meal, notwithstanding the sweet potato oven fries that were also [...]

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Meyer Mandarin Kosho, a twist on classic Japanese citrus pepper paste

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Although our holidays were wonderful, they did not go quite as planned.  Squirrel came down with a stomach virus a few days before the start of Christmas break.  We left to drive to California 4 days later, thinking we were in the clear, because Squirrel had survived the stomach virus and no one else appeared [...]

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Fuyu Persimmon Freezer Jam

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The first time I ever laid eyes on a persimmon was in 2002 when Mr. Fuji and I moved to Japan for the first time.  It was love at first bite.  The flesh is creamy and unlike anything I’d ever eaten before, with hints of mango, peach, and orange, yet a flavor all its own. [...]

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Pebre—The Chilean condiment everyone should know about.

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Pebre, a ubiquitous Chilean condiment that can be found accompanying a wide variety of meals throughout the country, in restaurants and homes alike, was a revelation to me.  It was love at first bite.  The sauce varies depending on the region of Chile and the household in which it’s made in, but the basic building [...]

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Cotija Chipotle Corn Guacamole

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With Memorial Day right around the corner, I’ve been planning what will be on the menu.  This Cotija Chipotle Corn Guacamole, inspired by Mexican elote, is a must make! One of my favorite treats is elote, a popular Mexican dish of freshly roasted corn that is spread with mayonnaise, rolled in crumbled cotija cheese, then dusted [...]

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Mayonnaise, Japanese Farm Food Style {Giveaway}

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I used to think that mayonnaise was mayonnaise, something I occasionally put on a sandwich (but usually not—I was a mustard devotee), and something that my mom used to make tuna fish or egg salad sandwiches.  Then I moved to Japan and tasted Japanese mayonnaise and realized that all mayos are not created equal, and [...]

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Tomato Bacon Chutney

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The story of my tomato bacon chutney is one of sheer will and determination triumphing over my proverbial MBS (“Mommy Brain Syndrome”).  Tomato bacon chutney is one of those condiments that could be eaten on so many things that I should just plan on always having a container of it sitting in the fridge.  Versatility [...]

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Three Pepper Jelly

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Three pepper jelly and goat cheese served with crackers makes my list of perfect party foods.  All of the work on this appetizer is done ahead of time, making it perfect for a stress-free party lineup.  When it comes to entertaining, I am all about easy.  Yes, I want the food to be good, but [...]

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