Cherry Pico de Gallo

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In my post last week about Cacao Chili-Rubbed Flat Iron Steak, I briefly mentioned the cherry pico de gallo that I made as an accompaniment.  But, it wouldn’t be doing it justice to gloss over it, as it was maybe my favorite part of the whole meal, notwithstanding the sweet potato oven fries that were also […]

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Cherry Lime Agua Fresca

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As a little girl, one of my favorite treats was a cherry limeade.  Sometimes when we visited my grandparents in Utah we would make a trip to Hires Big H, a great little Utah-based burger joint, that also happens to serve my all-time favorite cherry limeade.  Other people loved going to Hires for their homemade […]

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Lemon Cherry Tea Cakes

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This time of year always finds me wishing I was still living in Japan.  If we were still in Japan, I’d be out everyday enjoying the new blooms on the trees.  First the plum blossoms, and then the much anticipated cherry blossoms.  During our last spring in Tokyo, Squirrel and I went out almost every […]

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