Pancake Week 2011

National Pancake Week—because there is some dispute as to what week this is exactly (as I wrote in my introduction to National Pancake Week), I’m playing it on the safe side and celebrating from February 20, 2011 through March 8, 2011.

Pancake Week

I have to admit, that although I don’t dislike pancakes, they haven’t been on my list of favorite foods since I was a little girl.  As I have researched the various topics and angles for my posts for this topic, however, I think I have fallen back in love with this seemingly humble dish.  I have marveled at the history of pancakes, and at the variety of types, toppings, sizes, and shapes I have come across.

Making a pancake requires ingredients that tend to be cheaper and more accessible to the masses.  No special equipment is required.  Just a flat cooking surface and something to flip them with.  Despite these relatively simple necessities, pancakes are not just made by the poor or underprivileged.  Evidence of this is the traditional blini, a small Russian buckwheat pancake that is usually served with sour cream and caviar or smoked salmon—not the cheapest ingredients on the planet.

I hope you enjoy my exploration of Pancakeology and fall in love all over again with these wonderful little cakes.  Listed below are the links for all of the pancakeology posts, featured pancakeologists, and link to the gallery where you can share your own pancakreations!



I Love Pancakes

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