Feb 10

*I teamed up with doTERRA to bring you this post.

Squares of Fudgy Spiced Brownies with a bottle of doTERRA OnGuard oil, which is one of the ingredients

Valentine’s Day is almost here and I’ve got a brownie recipe that is perfect to help you celebrate.  “A brownie recipe?” you might say.  “Aren’t there already 30 bazillion brownie recipes out there?  Why do we need another one?”  Well, you don’t have this one!  Several things make it special:

  • It’s free of gluten, eggs, and dairy, and can be easily made soy-free as well.  But wait! These brownies are still rich and decadent and do not taste gluten-free.  No weird textures here!  Oat flour has become one of my favorite substitutes in baking because it helps produce a moist-tender crumb in things like cakes and muffins.  
  • It’s lower in fat because it doesn’t use any oil or other added fat.  Instead, it uses pumpkin puree.  And no, it doesn’t taste like pumpkin!
  • It uses a couple drops of doTERRA’s On Guard essential oil blend, giving it a hint of spice (wild orange peel, clove bud, cinnamon leaf, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus leaf, and rosemary leaf/flower)–the perfect way to amp up the flavor for Valentine’s Day.

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Nov 23

Post brought to you in partnership with Kokoro Care Packages.

Kokoro Cares November 2020 Kanagawa themed care package

I have a special place in my heart for Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan (the prefecture located just south of Tokyo), so when Kokoro Care Packages reached out to me to see if I would be interested in partnering with them to highlight their November 2020 Nourishing Essentials Care Package, featuring products from Kanagawa Prefecture, I said yes immediately.  (Though let’s be honest, any time Kokoro Care Packages comes knocking, I say yes, because they are an amazing company.) When Mr. Fuji and I first moved to Japan in the fall of 2002, we lived on the outskirts of Yokohama, which is in Kanagawa Prefecture. During our first free weekend in Japan, after moving there the first time, we visited Kamakura, a seaside town filled with many historically significant Buddhist temples and Shinto Shrines, including the Kōtoku-in Buddhist temple, home to the Daibutsu (Great Buddha), a bronze statue which is over 43 feet tall. [Read More…]


Japanese Dry Curry (ドライカレー)

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As part of my new podcast, The Onigiri Chronicles, with my friend Noriko, she has been sharing pictures of the lunches that she helps to prepare at the elementary school she works at in Funabashi, Japan.  They are so inspiring.  Though I should warn you, they will make you very jealous because they are so amazing.  The […]

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Umeboshi Gohan (梅干しご飯) — Pickled Plum Rice

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In episode 4 of our new podcast, The Onigiri Chronicles, my best friend Noriko and I discussed all things ume–the sour Japanese fruit that they use in Japan to turn into all sorts of wonderful things, like ume syrup and my favorite, umeboshi (pickled plums).  We talked about making umeboshi gohan (梅干しご飯), or pickled plum […]

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Curry Ramen

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Curry ramen is one of the many types of ramen that you can find in Japan.  It is the fusion of two wonderful worlds–Japanese curry and Japanese ramen.  Since I shared my method for making curry roux blocks with you earlier this month, I thought I would share another way to use the blocks, other […]

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The Onigiri Chronicles Podcast

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My best friend Noriko and I just launched a new podcast today—The Onigiri Chronicles!  We are discussing food, cooking, and Japan (with a few parenting adventures thrown in).  We hope you’ll listen.  If there’s anything you’re interested in hearing us talk about, shoot me an email and let me know! email: [email protected] The podcast is […]

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Make Your Own Japanese Curry Roux Blocks

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One of my personal favorite recipes is my Japanese curry (aka, curry rice).  In Japan, when people make curry at home, they usually use an instant curry roux (available in a block or powder form) to make the curry sauce or purchase pre-made curry sauce that is packaged in vacuum-sealed bags.  Many recipes for Japanese […]

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Stay-at-home Japanese Vegan Cream Stew (クリームシチュー)

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Dinner at our house has been a parade of one comfort food dish after another lately.  Are any of you in the same boat?  Our meal last Sunday was no exception.  I made Japanese Cream Stew (クリームシチュー)—a popular Japanese yoshoku dish (yoshoku is a form of Japanese-western fusion cuisine).  Cream stew is a mix of […]

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Grow Your Own Mung Bean Sprouts At Home!

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*Disclosure: This post contains Amazon affiliate links that earn me a small commission, at no additional cost to you.  I only recommend products I personally use and love, or think my readers will find useful. Need a project to start this week?  I’ve got a great one for you, or your kids, or both!  Grow […]

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Ozenzai — Sweet Red Bean Soup (おぜんざい)

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Ozenzai (おぜんざい), a sweet red bean soup, is a very popular, traditional Japanese dessert.  It is made with adzuki beans and can be served over toasted mochi, shiratama dango, or a cooked grain, like millet.  It’s one of my (many) favorite desserts and it really made my week this week.

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