Jan 18

Fuji Nana's Get-Up-And-Go Oatmeal

When I think about oatmeal I always think about Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street, because Bert loves oatmeal.  I always thought Bert was a bit boring, but I do agree with him on oatmeal.  I love oatmeal.  Actually, I love oats in general.  So when my mom introduced me to her “Get-Up-And-Go” Oatmeal this past summer, I was an instant addict. [Read More…]


Jan 17

Bring Your Family Back to the Table

When is the last time your family ate dinner together?  When was the last time you struggled to figure out what to make for dinner?  Or looked at the clock, only to realize it was already 5pm and you had no idea what dinner was going to be?  In this crazy busy world I know that we all lead busy lifestyles that can make it difficult for us to gather around the family table (whatever your family table looks like).  I am super excited to introduce you to one of my friends, Anna Romano, of Healthy Cooking Daily, who is on a mission to help out with that very struggle.  She is a mother who is passionate about healthy cooking and has a lifetime of knowledge and tradition passed down to her as a first-generation Italian.  She grew up in a home where food and family was everything.  Anna believes family meals are an emotional anchor to our day, and unfortunately, a lost art.  She is offering a FREE interview series with 21 cooks, health coaches, nutritionists, moms, and bloggers (including me!), to show you how to meet some of the daily challenges of creating healthy meals and connecting with family.

During this Series, “Bring Your Family Back to The Table: Easy Healthy Meals That Bring Busy Families Together Again,” you’ll learn how to return to the table and connect while sharing healthy meals. You’ll also gain some strategies on how to do all this while living in a crazy, device driven world. My hope for you is to provide some insights, stories, and inspiration that you can easily enrich your family life with.

Here’s what’s going to be covered in the series:

How to bring mindfulness back into eating
How to save time in the kitchen to get dinner on the table faster
Homesteading tips
Gadget recommendations
How to ensure family meals are both healthy and delicious
How to cook for multiple dietary needs
Learn about using the Slow Cooker/Instant Pot to simplify weeknight meals
Menu Planning tips and suggestions
I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend. You can register using this link. [INSERT AFFILIATE LINK]

Just so you know, you will be able to watch from your home, office, or on the go.

Not only will you walk away with some ideas and strategies, but you will be inspired!  The speaker lineup is amazing!  Also, many of the guests will be offering a free gift!  Register here for the “Bring Your Family Back To The Table” series!


PROJECT BENTO: Repurposing Leftovers for Lunch

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Happy Hump Day Fuji friends!  It’s about this time of year when I start to feel like I’m n a rut when it comes to packing my kids’ school lunch bentos, or my work bentos.  My girls occasionally buy lunch at their school’s cafeteria (they have a baked potato bar that I am 100% on […]

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What I Ate in Tokyo

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Today I’m sharing a video about my last 24-hours in Tokyo at the end of September this year, specifically my adventures with my friend Noriko to find some delicious food to till our bellies with.  Our best meal, actually one of my favorite meals of 2017, was at Hidamari Cafe, a little macrobiotic restaurant in […]

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California Avocado Acai Bowl

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Post written in partnership with California Avocados. Happy Friday!  Are all my friends back east surviving the aftermath of the bomb cyclone?  I’ve been watching weather reports and getting the chills just thinking about it.  We are currently experiencing warmer than normal temperatures here in Utah and we have very little snow so far.  January […]

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Honeycrisp Apple Spritzer + Veganuary!

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Happy New Year my friends!  I hope 2018 has been treating you well so far!  We had a lovely New Year celebration and I’m sad to see if end.  On New Year’s Eve, after we got home from church, we played games, watched a movie, ate snacks, and I enjoyed one last evening view of […]

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Vegan Garden Island Hot Chocolate, a Souvenir from Kauai, Hawaii

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Merry Christmas my friends!  It has been frigid here and I’ve been craving hot chocolate and herbal tea to keep me warm from the inside out.  I figured this called for sharing a recipe that I brought home this summer from a trip to the island of Kauai, for vegan hot chocolate from Garden Island […]

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Miso Glazed Carrots

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Post written in partnership with Copper Chef. Seven days left until Christmas Day! Can you believe it?  This Christmas season has seemed to fly by even quicker than normal.  I’m guessing that part of that is due to the fact that we have been trying to unpack our house in addition to all the things […]

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Orange Date Cranberry Butter

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We moved into a new house last month.  Mr. Fuji and I designed it, then worked with an architect to make a reality and have spent the past year anxiously waiting for it to be done.  It has been so fun to see our creation materialize! 

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Exploring Hakodate, Japan

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Sponsored by the JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization). Hakodate, Japan Like all of the places we visited on this trip, I kept wishing I had weeks more time in Hakodate because we only had time to scratch the surface on everything that there was to see and do (and eat!).  We caught a shinkansen (a bullet […]

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