Apr 12

Soba Cha -- Japanese Buckwheat Tea

I have been a longtime fan of mugicha, a Japanese herbal tea made from roasted barley, but it has a very distinct taste that some people aren’t a fan of.  I think it’s a bit like cilantro…some people love it and to some people it tastes like soap (or in the case of mugicha…dirty socks or cigarette butts are the descriptions I have heard used).  A few years ago my friend Noriko introduced me to soba cha, another Japanese herbal tea, but this one is made from roasted buckwheat groats.  Unlike mugicha, I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love it.  It has a nutty flavor that goes equally well with sweet and savory. [Read More…]


Apr 6

*I was sent a review copy of the book featured in this post by the publisher, Cypress House.

The United States is one of the fattest, least healthy nations in the world, yet information about nutrition and weight loss seems to flow in abundance around us.  The problem is that nutrition can be confusing.  So many sources disagree with each other, whether it be an article in a magazine, or a new book by a doctor, contradicting whatever source you read last.  This is exactly the predicament that Dr. Cassandra Ohlsen found herself in.  Dr. Ohlsen is certified in Internal Medicine and has been practicing medicine for thirty years and just wrote her first book, Enlightened Eating, The Eightfold Path to Health. The book shares her journey, as well as the journeys of some of her patients, shares the extensive health benefits and other benefits of a plant-based diet, and includes advice on how to change eating habits using Buddhist psychology.

Englightened Eating by Dr. Cassandra Ohlsen [Read More…]


Chloe Flavor Vegan Ramen Bowl

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Post brought to you in partnership with Nasoya. Chloe Coscarelli just had a new cookbook published called Chloe Flavor, and it’s fabulous.  If you aren’t familiar with who Chloe Coscarelli is, basically she’s a 30-year-old bundle of energy, sunshine, and talent.  She became vegan in 2004 when she was 17, then went on to attend […]

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Jackfruit Carnitas Fresh Spring Rolls

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Hello friends!  Ok, so remember that recipe for Instant Pot Jackfruit Carnitas I posted a few days ago?  In the post I told you about a few ways to use the carnitas, but I thought I would pop in and show you one of the things we made last week with ours—jackfruit carnitas fresh spring […]

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Instant Pot Jackfruit Carnitas

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I love my Instant Pot.  My mom gave it to me for Christmas two years ago, but it took me a couple of months to finally use it.  I had wanted one for a long time, but when it got down to it, I found it a bit intimidating.  I finally got on YouTube and […]

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Apple Oat Bars

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About 8 months ago I started craving an apple oat bar.  This was weird because I don’t know if I had ever had anything like what I was actually craving.  What I wanted was something that wasn’t like a granola bar…something a bit cake-ier, but not like cake.  I wanted something that wasn’t overly sweet, […]

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Air-Fried Charred Shishito Peppers + Power AirFryer XL Review

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Post in partnership with Tristar Products Inc. I had never heard of shishito peppers, let alone taste one, until we moved to Japan for the first time in 2002.  Since then I have been making up for lost time, eating them whenever I can get my hands on them.  My favorite way to eat them […]

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Vegan Nikujaga (Japanese Meat & Potatoes)

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Nikujaga (“nee-koo-jyah-gah”) is a classic Japanese comfort food, something that every household makes a bit differently so that everyone craves the way their mom makes it.  Nikujaga literally translates to mean “meat-potato” or meat and potatoes.  It’s a dish of meat and potatoes cooked in a sweetened soy sauce.  Variations abound.  Beef is generally used, […]

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Almond Butter Turmeric Dressing (a Trader Joe’s Copycat)

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The people have spoken.  This is a recipe I worked on for myself, but after posting a picture of it on a salad on Instagram I got so many DMs from people asking if I was going to post it that I figured it would be cruel not to share.  Trader Joe’s has some dressings […]

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Marinated Scallions — Negi No Doresshingu Zuke

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My friend Noriko makes the best marinated naga negi (negi no doresshingu zuke . . . “dressing preserved onions”).  She has made them the last couple of times we have visited and I’ve had to restrain myself from being rude and eating the whole batch.  

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