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Shoyu Tamago, Japanese Soy Sauce Eggs

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Did you know that it’s National Food Safety Month? Well, it is!  I figured I’d talk a bit about food safety as it pertains to eggs, since I’m sharing one of my favorite egg snacks today.  Actually I’m revisiting one of my favorite eggs snacks—shoyu tamago, or Japanese soy sauce eggs—hard boiled eggs that have […]

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Pastel de Choclo (Chilean Corn Pie)

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Pastel de Choclo, directly translated means “corn pie,” but is more of a layered corn and beef casserole than a pie in the traditional American sense.  Pastel de Choclo was the final piece of the Chilean meal that I cooked with Ms. M.  Chilean cuisine is a product of the commingling of the native Indian […]

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Simple Potato Salad

Happy Labor Day to all of you in the US! I hope you are doing something fun today. . . I've been busy in the kitchen all weekend trying out some new recipes. Some were successful and a few were not. Saturday evening the Fuji family went to a Homecoming party in Irvine for some […]

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