It’s not over until I say it’s over!

I hope you’re not sick of sakura and hanami, because here we go again! Today Squirrel and I took advantage of a beautiful day to squeeze another day of hanami into the small Tokyo hanami window. We went a little farther afield to some places near Komagome Station (on the JR Yamanote train line). We […]

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Heavenly Hanami

Do you remember how I said in my post yesterday that, “Cherry blossom season = heaven on earth!”? Well with a statement like that, do you really think I would limit my comments on cherry blossoms to only part of one post? No! As an old Japanese proverb says: “The cherry is first among flowers, […]

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Taking time to stop and smell the flowers . . . .

I Failed to realize, with the Frenetic pace of March, that my deadline for “F” had Flown past me! Luckily, I got a gentle nudge yesterday from Fuji-san who decided to make an appearance. As I was admiring my patron mountain yesterday morning it reminded me that I needed to do an “F” post. “F” […]

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