Umeboshi Gohan (梅干しご飯) — Pickled Plum Rice

In episode 4 of our new podcast, The Onigiri Chronicles, my best friend Noriko and I discussed all things ume–the sour Japanese fruit that they use in Japan to turn into all sorts of wonderful things, like ume syrup and my favorite, umeboshi (pickled plums).  We talked about making umeboshi gohan (梅干しご飯), or pickled plum […]

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Umeboshi: Fall fruit of summer labor

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The Japanese do incredible things with fruits and vegetables.  From braising to deep frying, and drying to pickling, there are hundreds of ways to use and transform a wide variety of plants.  A particular favorite at our house are umeboshi, Japanese pickled plums (usually translated as plum, though they are actually made from a species […]

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