Nov 4

Boogers & Pancakes

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Yup, thought I’d get your attention with that one! Squirrel had a very crabby day today. She has been teething, which I’m sure is not helping. Up until about a week ago she only had 2 teeth. In the past week 2 new teeth have come in, and her pediatrician tells me that 4 more should be making their debut within the next week and a half or so. I’d cry too! So, Squirrel has been producing an over abundant supply of boogers today with all of her crying. To make things more interesting, she has decided that nose picking is a skill that she must add to her repertoire. So, not only has she increased her production of boogers, but now she is harvesting them.

We tried to bribe her to stop harvesting with some pancakes, which worked . . . until she finished her pancakes, at which time the harvesting resumed. Ah the joys of parenting.

Some very successful holiday knitting and crocheting has been occuring chez Fuji Mama as of late. Unfortunately, because the people receiving these items may sometimes read this blog, I cannot show you proof of said knitting or crocheting.

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