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Annin Dofu Blended Crème

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We are currently in northern Washington state visiting Mr. Fuji’s sister-in-law and her cute little family.  As I contemplate sitting down to our Thanksgiving meal tomorrow with family, I am especially grateful for friendship.  During our visit to Japan this summer, my friend Noriko and I made several trips to Starbucks for ice-cold creamy blended […]

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Visiting Edo-Tokyo, A Walk Through History

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  Tokyo was once a small, quiet fishing village, not the bustling metropolis that it is today.  Until 1868 it was known as Edo, which means “estuary” in Japanese, a perfect name since Tokyo sits next to Tokyo Bay which happens to be an estuary, with the Sumida river flowing into the bay, and the bay […]

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Fuji Mama Chindouchuu: Narita to Tokyo

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I am currently in Tokyo with the entire Fuji family.  We’ve been here since June 14th, and only have a couple of days left until we return to the US.  If you’ve been reading my posts for a while, you might know that I’ve been returning to Japan each year for short visits after moving […]

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