Apr 20

I’ll have a plate of Engrish garnished with some Think Sauce please.

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Saturday night we met up with a group of people to celebrate a friend’s birthday. We went to a fun restaurant called the Elephant Cafe, a fun Southeast Asian restaurant.

The menu was in both Japanese and English, but it was very obvious which language had come first in writing this menu (unlike the chicken or the egg dilemma). The English was SO good in fact, that several of my friends were suggesting that a blog post was in order. So, one blog post comin’ right up!

Today for your dining pleasure (I have left everything intact as I saw it on the menu, including capitalization) we have several Engrish specials for you to choose from:

– Medicinal Effect Curry of Chicken

– Nan Pizza Tailoring of Medicinal Effect Curry (Eggplant and Summer Greens Insertion)
– The Fried Chicken of the wing

– Fry Without Coating of Bird that Put a lot of Spring Onions
– Thick Bacon was Parched, and the Tomato was Garnished

– Taiwan Style Cow Stripe and the Achilles’ Tendon which were Boiled

– Cartilage and Nut of the Spicy Fried food

– The Carpaccio Shanghai Style Salad Sewing of the Fish of the Season

– Write an Egg White Filling as a Gyoza of a Shiitake

– The Fresh Fish is Steamed with Sake Sharp Taste Source

– Steamed Clam and the Strictus

– Khao Na Kai Khai Dao (Fried Rice with Chicken in a Think Sauce)

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JRS April 21, 2008 at 1:15 am

You’re right; that is particularly classic Engrish! (which also happened to be the topic of my last blog post–also at a restaurant)


Melissa Hodgen April 22, 2008 at 11:52 am

What? I’d still have you order.


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