Nov 2

Shodo, Sakuraniku, Fugu Kara-age, & SP11 Treats!

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Day #2 of NaBloPoMo! Today has been an interesting day. This morning I went with a couple of friends to an international market that is an annual fundraiser at the Tokyo American Club for Women’s Group-supported charities. Wako Hachiyo, a shodo, or calligraphy, artist from Nagano had a booth set up there. I ended up getting our last name done in calligraphy and framed. It was so fun to watch him work.

Tonight Hubby and I met some of his co-workers for dinner at a Japanese restaurant called Kakoiya. It was delicious! Among the more notable dishes that we tried were sakuraniku and fugu kara-age, both were things that I have been wanting to try.


Sakuraniku (桜肉) is raw horse meat! It was served in thin slices with ginger and onions and dipped in soy sauce. It was delicious.

Fugu kara-age (河豚), is deep-fried puffer fish. Fugu has become a very famous dish here in Japan because of the fact that the pufferfish is lethal if prepared incorrectly. As Wikipedia explains:

Since 1958, only specially licensed chefs can prepare and sell fugu to the public. The fugu apprentice needs a two- or three-year apprenticeship before being allowed to take an official test. The test consists of a written test, a fish-identification test, and a practical test of preparing fugu and then eating it. Only 30% of the applicants pass the test. This, of course, does not mean that 70% die from poisoning; rather, they made a small mistake in the long and complicated procedure of preparing the dish. Due to this rigorous examination process, it is generally safe to eat the sliced fugu sold in restaurants or markets.

To see a portion of the fugu practical:

I also enjoyed a vegetable platter that we ordered that had a variety of fresh cut vegetables and 6 little pots of different kinds of miso to dip the veggies in.

My other fun thing for today was the receipt of a package in the mail from Swappy, my SP11 spoiler! It was filled with THREE magazines, 2 CDs, a darling crochet pattern for a froggy hat, and a little souvenir (a nail file) that Swappy picked up at the doctor’s office for me. Thank you Swappy! Swappy knows how happy this package makes me because we have discussed the fact that magazines are difficult to come by here in Japan, unless you don’t mind paying about 2,000 yen for an issue (around $17 US).

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Jenn November 2, 2007 at 5:01 pm

Thanks for the link to the restaurant. Those are both things that I’m hoping to try when I go to Tokyo next year. I’ll figure out the website for address, etc., but can you tell me if it’s a place where a party of one can just show up, or would I have to make a reservation?


Fuji Mama November 2, 2007 at 10:34 pm

Usually you can just show up! For dinner on the weekend though, you might want a reservation unless you want a longer wait.


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