Los Angeles

Exploring the Pinata District in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles can be dirty, smelly, noisy, and crowded, but it can also be bright, colorful, friendly, and delicious. Despite the grime and some of the unmentionable smells that you might run into, there are some wonderful spots. Earlier this month we visited an area that I hadn’t visited before—the Piñata District. In this area […]

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Fuji Bites – May 10, 2013

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We have had a full week at the Fuji house, including multiple trips to Home Depot, a garden, Disneyland, a visit with Noah’s Ark, and an unfortunate Kindergarten classroom incident: 1. Last Friday we finally got going on this year’s garden.  After a family trip to Home Depot, the Fujilings and I spent time in our […]

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National Food Blogger Bake Sale

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1st things first, I need to announce the winner of the Jamie’s Food Revolution Cookbook and assorted goodies!  Our trusty Random Number Generator picked comment #151: Comment #151 was Brian Lew!  Congrats Brian, I’ll be in touch today to get your info so that we can get your prize to you!  Now let’s keep the […]

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