Time to celebrate!

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I’m in an exceptionally good mood today.  I can actually breathe out of one of my nostrils, which I’m thinking is cause enough to celebrate.  But on top of that it’s also Mr. Fuji’s birthday!  I feel lucky to be married to such a wonderful guy who is so good to me and to our […]

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Leftover Edamame Dip Sushi + Top Secret Julienne Trick

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I love leftovers. Does that sound strange? Well maybe it is, but I have my reasons! To start with, some of my favorite dishes can be made with leftovers: fried rice, turkey sandwiches, kalua pig tacos, etc. Plus, I love the creative challenge of coming up with fun ways to use up the last bits […]

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La Fuji Mama & OpenSky

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In the past I have been hesitant to add anything like an shop to my blog.  I just didn’t see the benefit to you as my readers, as it is so impersonal and wouldn’t really add to your experience here on LFM.  That changed however, when I learned about a company that I believe […]

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