Spring Chopped Salad

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May 1st, the day the Empire State building officially opened 83 years ago, the day the movie Citizen Kane premiered 73 years ago, the day the first KMART store opened 52 years ago, and the day Elvis Presley married Priscilla Ann Beaulieu 47 years ago, among many other events—who knew today was such an important […]

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Ensalada de Tomate (Chilean Tomato Salad)

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Ensalada de Tomate, or tomato salad, is a side dish that only takes a few minutes to put together.  This recipe is about as simple as you can get, but I thought it was important because sometimes the simplest recipes give an interesting window into the soul of a country’s cuisine, and such is the […]

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Tomato Bacon Chutney

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The story of my tomato bacon chutney is one of sheer will and determination triumphing over my proverbial MBS (“Mommy Brain Syndrome”).  Tomato bacon chutney is one of those condiments that could be eaten on so many things that I should just plan on always having a container of it sitting in the fridge.  Versatility […]

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Cancun Chicken Curry

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Cancun Chicken Curry, chicken cooked in a fragrant tomato based sauce filled with spices and a bit of heat, is an Indian dish inspired by a trip to Cancun, Mexico.  Yeah, I know that sounds a bit funny, but stick with me and it should all make sense by the time you get to the […]

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