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California Avocado Greek Rice Salad Bowls

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California Avocado Greek Rice Salad Bowls

I have always had a thing for food in bowls, so the current bowl trend has me very happy.  Whether it’s a smoothie bowl, a rice bowl, or just a bowl of chicken noodle soup, there’s something about eating out of a bowl that is casual and comforting and completely my style.  Plus, bowls are often one-course meals, making them convenient choices.  So it’s fitting that the most recent recipe I worked on for California Avocados is one for Greek Rice Salad Bowls that feature avocados in two different ways: first as one of the toppings and second as an ingredient in the creamy dressing that goes on top.  The base is an herbed brown rice that you make in the oven which frees your hands to chop up toppings while the rice is cooking.  It is a super easy dish to pull together and you customize it to suit the tastes of whoever you are feeding, so hop on over to The Scoop to grab the recipe for these delicious California Avocado Greek Rice Salad Bowls!


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Michelle (What's Cooking with Kids) May 12, 2016 at 9:14 pm

This looks so delicious! It’s also simple enough that kids could help to make it (and customize their own, so that they can pick their favorite ingredients). xo M.


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