Aug 13

Keeping Cool with California Avocado Milkshakes

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Summer seems to be barreling through like a bullet train this year.  How is it possible that it is already the middle of August?  I’ve been trying to keep cool by not turning on the oven.  I find that if I don’t turn on my oven, I’m less likely to have to blast our air conditioner, which in turn is gentler on our wallets when it comes time to pay our electricity bill.  Instead, I’ve been enjoying lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and using appliances like my wok (quick wok cooked meals hardly raise the temperature) and my blender (my beloved Blendtec that I won about 6 months ago…how did I live without one?).  Blenders are wonderful for having around this time of year, especially because they can turn out cold treats like smoothies and milkshakes.  I’m sharing my current favorite milkshake recipe for California Avocado Milkshakes over on The Scoop, so sidle on over and have a look.  It’s time to break out your blender!!

California Avocado Milkshake

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