No-Bake Peppermint Tofu Cheesecake with a Beet Cracker Crust

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Sponsored by RW Garcia. Do you realize that we only have 15 days until Thanksgiving Day? And only 46 days to go until Christmas Eve?  Aaack! Have you started thinking about what you’re going to serve or bring to share for those days?  I’ve started, but need to get more serious about it because it’s […]

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Cream Puffs with California Avocado Mascarpone Cream

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On July 14th, 1789, the Bastille, a medieval fortress used as a state prison by the king, was stormed by the people of Paris, which commemorated the beginning of the French revolution, the end of Louis XVI’s reign as king of France, and a step towards independence.  In 1880 the Ministry of the Interior recommended […]

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Sauteed Bananas

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Happy Friday friends!! How’s everyone’s summer going?  During summer I always find myself wanting to be outside and out doing stuff, rather than stuck in the kitchen, which is kind of ironic, considering how much I love all of the fresh summer produce.  There’s just too much fun to be had, and to be honest, […]

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My Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Last year I worked on a recipe for chocolate chip cookies that were gluten-free and Paleo.  After many rounds of cooking and tweaking, I finally had a cookie that I loved and so did my family.  I said that it was probably my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.  Earlier this year I decided to take […]

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Berry Fudgy Chocolate Cupcakes—Merry Christmas!

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The countdown is on at our house!  My parents are flying in to Salt Lake City tonight, and my brother tomorrow night.  We’re spending time with extended family tomorrow afternoon, and then my family and my in-laws are all coming over for Christmas Eve dinner.  I love getting to be with everyone for the holidays, […]

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Dark Side Chocolate Truffle Pie

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Excitement is running high at our house.  We are huge Star Wars fans at our house and are really looking forward to the new movie coming out next week.  What better way to celebrate than with pie?  So I whipped up a pie inspired by a character we all love to hate: Darth Vader.  I […]

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Almond Crackle Custard Pie

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Happy Friday Pie-Day!  Thanksgiving is only 6 days away—are you as excited about it as I am?  This year we are heading to my mother-in-law’s house for Thanksgiving dinner and one of the things we are in charge of is the pies.  I think I’ve changed my pie plan about 4 times already.  I just […]

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Gingerbread Chess Pie

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HPS (Holiday Pie Season) is officially underway!  So put away your Halloween decorations and pull out your pie plates people and let’s get baking!  Over the next 5 months there is at least one holiday every month that calls for pie, kicking things off with the grand daddy of them all, Thanksgiving.  You know how […]

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Cinnamon & Sugar Pie Crust Cookies

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Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman, Be he alive, or be he dead I’ll grind his bones to make my bread. I have very distinct memories from when I was a little girl of my dad saying this in his deepest gravely giant-like voice as he stopped down the hallway.  We would run […]

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Kyotofu’s Sweet Tofu Pudding

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Author Nicole Bermensolo brought her love for Japanese culture to Manhattan in 2006 when she and her friend Michael opened Kyotofu, a full-service restaurant and bakery.  The Kyotofu bakery featured Nicole’s quirky approach to Japanese sweets and customers fell in love.  In 2013 Nicole and Michael decided to close the restaurant so Nicole could focus […]

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