A Weekend With Tartelette

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This past weekend is without question going to rank as one of the highlights of my year.  It was the result of months of hard work and planning.  It was the weekend where Helene (Tartelette) finally came to Southern California to give a group of lucky people a crash course in macaron making, food styling, […]

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Time to celebrate!

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I’m in an exceptionally good mood today.  I can actually breathe out of one of my nostrils, which I’m thinking is cause enough to celebrate.  But on top of that it’s also Mr. Fuji’s birthday!  I feel lucky to be married to such a wonderful guy who is so good to me and to our […]

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La Fuji Mama & OpenSky

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In the past I have been hesitant to add anything like an shop to my blog.  I just didn’t see the benefit to you as my readers, as it is so impersonal and wouldn’t really add to your experience here on LFM.  That changed however, when I learned about a company that I believe […]

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Macaron 101—Tartelette is coming to SoCal!!!

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When my friend Jenny, of Devour the World, and I start putting our heads together, it can only mean one thing: TROUBLE.  Back in the Fall when we were both in the throws of macaron drama, we started saying that we needed to find some way to get Helene Dujardin, writer of the amazing blog […]

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Farewell 2009, Hello 2010!

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As the saying goes, “Out with the old and in with the new.”  2009 has come and gone like a freight train and 2010 is here to stay.  2009 announced its arrival in our family with the birth of a new baby, affectionately known as Bug. The year ended with the passing of my dear […]

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Mama’s back in her kitchen!

I have missed you all! Thank you for all of your well wishes and kind words. After having forced myself to take some time off from blogging to let my body heal and to get to know our new little one, I’m glad I did it, but I’m also glad to be back here in […]

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The birth of the newest member of the Fuji family

Hi, this is Mr. Fuji posting in behalf of Fuji Mama today. Yesterday at 11:41AM, Little Fuji was born. We got to the hospital at 9:00 and waited for a bit while the nurse got Fuji Mama ready for the c-section. At around 11ish, Fuji Mama was rolled into the operating room where the anesthesiologist […]

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Tossed Salad

Today’s post is a bit of a “tossed salad,” so bear with me! This past Friday was my birthday (thank you to all of you who left birthday wishes–it made my day!), and it was a great day. When I married Mr. Fuji it became a tradition for him to take me out for sushi […]

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Bun in the oven

I apologize that things have been sparse here on LFM. I’ve been restricted by my doctor on what I can do while I work on my all-important baking project. As you can see things are rising nicely.This past Friday we took a quick peak into the oven to make sure things were baking as they […]

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Did you do YOUR duty?

Today is election day in the US and I have already exercised my right to vote. Just as I fulfilled this important duty as a citizen of the United States, I also fulfilled another very important duty yesterday–that of celebrating National Doughnut Day. I convinced a friend to do her civic duty and we took […]

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