Veggie Salad Stuffed Avocados

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My in-laws live in Draper, Utah, a city just north of us.  Every summer they have Draper Days, an event that lasts for about a week in July and is filled with everything from a children’s parade, to a rodeo, to evening concerts in the park, followed by fireworks.  It’s a blast.  This past July we […]

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Avocado Katsu

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I just realized that a bunch of my recipes have been posted over on The Scoop and I didn’t know!  So get ready for some California Avocado recipes coming your way!  I love working with California Avocados, not only because avocados are one of my all-time favorite foods, but also because they give me great themes […]

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Pulled Pork with Chocolate Barbecue Sauce & Cheese Corn Cake — Celebrating Cheese & Chocolate

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What could be better than a weekend celebrating chocolate and cheese?  This past weekend there was a 2 day long Chocolate & Cheese Festival at the Natural History Museum of Utah.  The festival featured some of the best local producers of cheese and chocolate, as well as some out-of-town guests, with demos, workshops, tastings, and other […]

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Crab Cocktail

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Happy Valentine’s Day Eve!!  I love this time of year.  I love getting to celebrate love, in all its forms, just as thoughts of spring seem to be tickling the edges of Mother Nature’s consciousness.  Here in Utah, things are already warming up, though I’m sure we’ve still got some cold spells ahead of us. […]

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Easy Holiday Canapé Trio

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This month I am partnering with Whole Foods and Kitchen PLAY to help you out with your holiday entertaining.  Although the holidays are all about spending time with friends and family, how often do we stress over what we are going to put on the table and end up spending more time worrying about the food […]

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Devilish Sweet & Spicy Deviled Eggs

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With October 31st quickly approaching, we’re in a full blown Halloween frenzy in the Fuji household.  We went to a church Halloween party this past Tuesday, we have a family Halloween party on Saturday, and all sorts of fun in between.  The girls are counting down the seconds until they get to go house to […]

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Cotija Chipotle Corn Guacamole

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With Memorial Day right around the corner, I’ve been planning what will be on the menu.  This Cotija Chipotle Corn Guacamole, inspired by Mexican elote, is a must make! One of my favorite treats is elote, a popular Mexican dish of freshly roasted corn that is spread with mayonnaise, rolled in crumbled cotija cheese, then dusted […]

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Tomato Bacon Chutney

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The story of my tomato bacon chutney is one of sheer will and determination triumphing over my proverbial MBS (“Mommy Brain Syndrome”).  Tomato bacon chutney is one of those condiments that could be eaten on so many things that I should just plan on always having a container of it sitting in the fridge.  Versatility […]

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Salt & Pepper Roasted Nuts—Daydreaming of Chile

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Almonds and walnuts tossed in a salt and pepper mixture, then roasted, make a wonderful afternoon snack or easy appetizer. (Hey, the Super Bowl is coming up!)  I’ve whipped up several batches of these nuts in the past week because they disappear so quickly.  This recipe was inspired by an opportunity that came up recently […]

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Three Pepper Jelly

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Three pepper jelly and goat cheese served with crackers makes my list of perfect party foods.  All of the work on this appetizer is done ahead of time, making it perfect for a stress-free party lineup.  When it comes to entertaining, I am all about easy.  Yes, I want the food to be good, but […]

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