Japanese Potato Salad on KSL Studio 5

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I taped a segment on KSL’s Studio 5 last week, which aired Monday, whipping up the Japanese-style potato salad, which I shared last week.  Here is the link to the segment, if you are interested in watching!  (Click the play button on the picture once the page has finished loading.) If you’re interested in watching […]

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Fuji Chicken Noodle Soup

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This post is brought to you by McCormick. Chicken noodle soup is a dish entrenched in American culture, and although it seems that every family has a chicken noodle soup recipe, each of those recipes has subtle, and sometimes not-so-subtle, differences.  Some soups feature a light broth, whereas others sport a heavier cream base.  Some […]

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Roasted Potato Wedges with Gomashio (Japanese Sesame Salt)

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A match made in comfort food heaven: roasted potato wedges sprinkled with fragrant nutty gomashio—Japanese sesame salt, one of my all-time favorite condiments.  

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5 Foods to Pack in Your Bento

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Packing a bento day in and day out requires a bit of thought, unless you want to end up in a rut, packing the same thing in your bento box every day.  But part of the buddy system is helping each other get out of that rut, right? Here are some ideas to get you […]

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Visiting Edo-Tokyo, A Walk Through History

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  Tokyo was once a small, quiet fishing village, not the bustling metropolis that it is today.  Until 1868 it was known as Edo, which means “estuary” in Japanese, a perfect name since Tokyo sits next to Tokyo Bay which happens to be an estuary, with the Sumida river flowing into the bay, and the bay […]

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Endive Love Connections

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Not only is Valentine’s Day tomorrow, but February is also American Hearth Month, a month dedicated to spreading awareness about the importance of heart health.  In honor of all matters of the heart this month, my fellow OnDivas have been sweet enough to humor me, and help me put together a video, featuring some of […]

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How To Make Soymilk

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Making soymilk is easy peasy and doesn’t require any special equipment.  I’m sharing my soymilk recipe and the simple process with a video tutorial today on Eating Rules as part of October Unprocessed, a challenge to go for one month without eating processed foods, to forgo all of the extra salt, fats, sugars, preservatives, flavorings, […]

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How to Make Spicy Mushroom Miso Ramen

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Today marks the end of the Mushroom Masters, so to celebrate such a fun month I’m here to hold your hand and prove just how easy it is to make my recipe for Spicy Mushroom Miso Ramen.  It’s officially fall, so you are out of legitimate excuses for not making soup.  Come jump on my […]

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A Trip to Manrikiya Noodle Shop

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When it comes to noodles, I’m a devotee of the Japanese varieties.  From thin nutty soba to fat chewy udon, the assortment of noodles used in Japanese cuisine is diverse, made even more so by the different ways in which they are served, whether it be cold with a dipping sauce or in a soup.  […]

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Exploring Tokyo, July 2010

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If someone had told me a few years ago that I would have a group of friends that I had made on the internet, I would have thought that they were crazy.  Fast forward to the present, and that is exactly what has happened.  Life as a food blogger has given me a community that […]

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