Explore Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, with Kokoro Care Packages

Post brought to you in partnership with Kokoro Care Packages. I have a special place in my heart for Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan (the prefecture located just south of Tokyo), so when Kokoro Care Packages reached out to me to see if I would be interested in partnering with them to highlight their November 2020 […]

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What I Ate in Tokyo

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Today I’m sharing a video about my last 24-hours in Tokyo at the end of September this year, specifically my adventures with my friend Noriko to find some delicious food to till our bellies with.  Our best meal, actually one of my favorite meals of 2017, was at Hidamari Cafe, a little macrobiotic restaurant in […]

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Exploring Aomori, Japan

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I returned a couple of weeks ago from a dream trip to Japan, sponsored by the JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization).  You all know that Japan is my happy place, so to be asked to go and explore a new (to me) part of Japan so that I could share it with you? Yes please, […]

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Umeboshi: Fall fruit of summer labor

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The Japanese do incredible things with fruits and vegetables.  From braising to deep frying, and drying to pickling, there are hundreds of ways to use and transform a wide variety of plants.  A particular favorite at our house are umeboshi, Japanese pickled plums (usually translated as plum, though they are actually made from a species […]

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How Japanese Cuisine Has Changed the Way I Think About Food and Cooking

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Last April during our most recent visit to Japan, we took a side trip with some friends to Ikaho, a small town several hours northwest of Tokyo known for its hot springs. For dinner one evening we ate a kaiseki meal, a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner. It was spring, and every morsel of food spoke […]

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Pretty Good Number One: An American Family Eats Tokyo (Giveaway!!)

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In 2009 I read these words: “I have a food fantasy.  When Iris is six, I’m going to take her to Tokyo . . . We’ll go to an eel restaurant and eat several courses of eel, my favorite fish . . . We will eat our weight in rice.  We’ll ride the Tokyo subway, […]

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Mayonnaise, Japanese Farm Food Style {Giveaway}

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I used to think that mayonnaise was mayonnaise, something I occasionally put on a sandwich (but usually not—I was a mustard devotee), and something that my mom used to make tuna fish or egg salad sandwiches.  Then I moved to Japan and tasted Japanese mayonnaise and realized that all mayos are not created equal, and […]

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“Local Eats” Japan Tour with PacSet Tours

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I’ve recently been in contact with a Japan tour company based in Los Angeles, called PacSet Tours.  This year they have a food themed tour scheduled for August (August 19 — 28, 2013) that is going to be amazing.  If you have ever wanted to experience Japan, this would be a great tour to try! […]

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Annin Dofu Blended Crème

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We are currently in northern Washington state visiting Mr. Fuji’s sister-in-law and her cute little family.  As I contemplate sitting down to our Thanksgiving meal tomorrow with family, I am especially grateful for friendship.  During our visit to Japan this summer, my friend Noriko and I made several trips to Starbucks for ice-cold creamy blended […]

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Dairy Free Sweet Potato Soft Cream

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I have two favorite flavors of soft cream (i.e. soft serve) in Japan: black sesame and sweet potato.  If you had told me a little over 10 years ago that I would be saying that, I would have laughed at you.  But 10 years ago this month Mr. Fuji and I moved to Japan for […]

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