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Cookie Dough Dip from The Best Homemade Kids’ Lunches On the Planet

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We are coming to the end of our fourth week of school here in Utah.  This is about the point where I start to run out of steam on lunchbox ideas and it’s time to re-motivate myself and make a plan for the four weeks to come.  Who else is running out of steam?  Raise […]

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Summer Stone Fruit Salad

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One of the reasons I love summer is that it’s stone fruit season!  Today I’m sharing one of my favorite salads, a stone fruit salad with a simple creamy honey and Greek yogurt dressing, over on the Chobani Champions blog.  It’s simple and fabulous.  Go check it out!

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Portobello Mushroom Pita Gyros

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Half way through completing my undergrad degree in French and French literature, I spent a semester studying in Paris.  I went to class in a fantastically old building in Le Marais, a historic district of Paris.  Between the closest metro station to school and the school building there was an amazing tiny little takeout restaurant that […]

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Avocado Basil Greek Yogurt Parfaits {Giveaway}

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With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, I wanted to share a savory yogurt parfait that is so simple that even your kids could whip it up.  (Just think breakfast in bed for mom!)  The parfait will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.

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Grilled Barramundi Pita Sandwich with Cucumber Yogurt Sauce

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Barramundi—such a great name, and an even more delicious type of fish, with a mild buttery flavor and dense meaty texture.  Plus, with it’s moderate oil content, it’s an easy fish to cook, whether you grill it to serve in pita sandwiches like I did recently (recipe at the end of the post!), or you […]

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Cara Cara Orange & Blueberry Greek Yogurt Parfaits + A Giveaway!

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We’re citrus fanatics in the Fuji household, and so we love the winter months when citrus season is at its peak.  The Fujilings love helping out in the kitchen when any citrus is involved, knowing that they’ll get to snack on whatever citrus we’re cooking with as we go.  One of the varieties we’ve fallen […]

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Back-to-School Blueberry Yogurt Cookies

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Blueberry yogurt cookies with lemon cream cheese frosting—soft, moist cookies with juicy blueberries topped with a cream cheese frosting make a fun after-school treat! 

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Confetti Cake Baked Doughnuts

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Confetti cake baked doughnuts topped with a light vanilla glaze are a fun twist on confetti cake—the fluffy white or yellow cake studded with flecks of color that is a popular choice for a child’s birthday cake.

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Lighter Avocado Dip

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Add this recipe to ZipList! Lighter Avocado Dip Makes 10 servings 1 medium head cauliflower, cut into florets 1 tablespoon olive oil 1/4 teaspoon salt 3 ounces nonfat plain Greek yogurt 3 ripe avocados, peeled, seeded, and cut into large chunks 1/2 cup cilantro leaves, chopped 1/4 cup finely chopped red onion 1 red jalapeno, […]

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