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Candied Seven Spice Almonds

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Merry Christmas Eve!! I can’t believe it is already December 24th.  This month has flown by quicker than I could say Kris Kringle.  We have especially enjoyed the Christmas season in our family this year, as Squirrel is more excited and filled with wonder about the magic and traditions of the holiday than ever before, […]

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Pumpkin Pudding

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Pumpkin pudding—creamy and easy to make, full of holiday flavors without any fuss.  Sounds good right?  It is!  Pumpkin has got to be one of my favorite things to eat during this time of year.  Whether it’s used in a dessert or savory dish, I can’t get enough.  So when my Tiki Machine partners and […]

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Spooky Spider Dogs with Chipotle Ketchup

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Halloween is right around the corner and we’re in full spook mode here at the Fuji house!  Our friend Lucy is also enjoying her favorite season, and this month we’re serving up a spooky snack to celebrate: Spider Dogs with Chipotle Ketchup Webs.

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Baked Apples à la Mode

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Autumn tends to turn up the intensity on the nostalgia meter for me.  Growing up in sunny southern California, I was always wistful for true autumn, which never seemed to hit with full force, and when it did appear at all, it was late in the season.  Maybe this is why my parents always planned […]

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Back-to-School Blueberry Yogurt Cookies

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Blueberry yogurt cookies with lemon cream cheese frosting—soft, moist cookies with juicy blueberries topped with a cream cheese frosting make a fun after-school treat! 

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Watermelon Citrus Soda

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Fresh watermelon mixed with fresh orange and lime juice and a bit of club soda makes a fantastic refreshing summer drink.

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California Avocado Pops

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Creamy sweet cold avocado pops make a fantastic treat on days when temperatures have you wishing for an ice bath to cool you off.  You only need 4 ingredients and less than 5 minutes to them whip up before they go into the freezer to set.  Easy, right?

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Confetti Cake Baked Doughnuts

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Confetti cake baked doughnuts topped with a light vanilla glaze are a fun twist on confetti cake—the fluffy white or yellow cake studded with flecks of color that is a popular choice for a child’s birthday cake.

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Lucy’s Sunshine Sammies

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This month we decided that Lucy should celebrate Earth Day with a special sandwich art project.  Yes, Earth Day was yesterday, but at least Lucy was on the ball and celebrated on time!  Earth Day is an annual celebration held on April 22nd.  Events are held worldwide to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s […]

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Shamrock Smoothie, aka “Liquid Luck”

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This month, our girl Lucy has been prepping for St. Patrick’s Day (she’s of Irish descent, of course)!  She happened to meet up with a leprechaun and charmed him with her fun, quirky personality.  He regaled her with stories of his escapades, including a tale about a time he drank “Liquid Luck.” Lucy was kind […]

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