Washoku Warriors

Group members cook their way through Elizabeth Andoh’s Japanese cookbook, Washoku: Recipes from the Japanese Home Kitchen. Several of recipes from the book are chosen each month and cooked by the participants, followed by a roundup on LaFujiMama.com giving brief accounts of everyone’s experiences. Novices to experts are welcome to join at any point during the project. Discussion/feedback is available to those who need help or have questions.

If you are interested in joining Washoku Warriors, just email me (rachael (at) lafujimama (dot) com) to get started!

*Read about how Washoku Warriors got started here.

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About Washoku

Washoku: Recipes from the Japanese Home Kitchen explores the principles of washoku (literally means “the harmony of food”), a set of principles in fives that takes into account color, taste, ways of preparing food, the diner’s senses, and the outlook brought to bear on both the cooking and the dining experience. The book is basically a master class on Japanese approaches to prepping ingredients for cooking, the basics of the different techniques used to cook those ingredients, and the equipment required for each procedure.

About Elizabeth Andoh

Ms. Andoh is American born and raised, but has made Japan her home. She did her formal culinary training at the Yanagihara Kinsaryu School of Traditional Japanese Cuisine, in Tokyo. She is now a writer (she has written three books on Japanese cooking and was Gourmet‘s correspondent in Japan for many years), lecturer, and a business consultant, specializing in Japanese food and culture. She is the only non-Japanese member of the prestigious Japan Food Journalists Association (JFJ). She also runs A Taste of Culture, a culinary arts center in Tokyo. So basically, for those of us whose native language is English, Ms. Andoh is the Japanese cuisine guru.

A Taste of Culture

-Pieces written by Elizabeth Andoh for the New York Times Travel Section here

-Books by Elizabeth Andoh:

(1) Washoku: Recipes from the Japanese Home Kitchen (2005)

(2) An Ocean of Flavor: The Japanese Way With Fish and Seafood (1988)

(3) At Home With Japanese Cooking (1986)

(4) An American Taste of Japan (1985)